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Find Lasting Love

Find Lasting Love 

Karma of Love Book Review

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Can you truly imagine what it would be like to find lasting love? What if you could find the perfect partner and each year your relationship would get sweeter and sweeter? Life is about unknowns, in anything we do we have a 50% chance it could succeed or a 50% chance that it won’t; this is true even with relationships, but what if we could change that?  The book Karma of Love, by bestselling author Geshe Michael Roach tells us exactly how to find our partner, complete with every quality we would like them to have. If we’re in a relationship the book details how to fix any problem we’re having with 100% certainty.

Karma of Love 100 Answers for Your Relationship is written using the ancient wisdom of Tibet in a completely modern context.  The book is a compilation of questions, told through personal stories from the author Geshe Micheal Roach, making for an interesting often entertaining read. After reading the beginning of the book called, The Most Important Questions of All, you can flip to whatever problem you are currently experiencing and the book details how to fix it.  It has almost every problem people in relationships face, and is truly amazing, and the really great part is that it works.

The book Karma of Love is a good read that could change your life, not just your relationship.  You can read it over and over again, and what as your relationship blossoms and grows sweeter year after year.

3 thoughts on “Find Lasting Love ”

  • Susan

    Love your blogs. Love your clothes.Great quality at a great price.
    Keep up the blogs!!!!

  • Allisa

    After reading your blog, I bought the book and have been reading it. Thank you for the excellent recomendation. Thanks too for providing us with a great selection of clothing that I can afford.

  • Katheryn Fetchenhier

    So glad that you're enjoying the book, I hope that you get a lot out of it! And thank you for checking us out!