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Dress Your Curvy Body

How to Dress that Nutty-Shaped Body!

April 14, 2014 at 10:04am

A Ricky's Lucky Nuts and Lulu Luna Collaborative

 Do you have a nutty-shaped body? You know. . . bigger bust, thin waist and curves? Well, Ricky's has teamed up with Silverton, Colorado's very own fashion-forward boutique, Lulu Luna, to help steer those nutty bodies in the right direction for the Summer 2014 fashion season.

The best way to accent that waist and smooth out those curve is by wearing a top or a dress that has a waist band just below the bust. For example, look at Lulu Luna's salsa-inspired piece, Lovely Pixie Dress.

Pixie Dress

This dress is the absolute perfect piece because of the waist band that draws those eyes into the smallest part of a woman's body.  Plus, the salsa inspired colors and flow of the dress will make you one hot and spicy commodity just like our Spicy Chile Chipotle peanuts! Packed with lots of heat, these all natural, GMO-free peanuts are a great, healthy snack to munch on when getting ready for a hot night on the town in this Lulu Luna dress!

Gotta have those spicy, savory peanuts? Go to to have a case of Spicy Chile Chipotle peanuts delivered straight to your door. Need that dress? Go to to order this spicy dress for the summer season.

spicy peanuts