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  • Travel Hot and Healthy

    Strong WomenTravel: Hot and Healthy

    Looking hot and feeling healthy while on the go can be challenging! Between figuring out how to feel comfortable, knowing what to bring with, or choose while out, well the questions can become daunting.

    Luckily, we dove in to this tricky subject and did some of the work for you. These simple tips have taken the guesswork out and put the easy-does-it back in.

    The Basics: On the Road & In the Air

    On the Road: Imagine, your task list is complete, you’re packed and you hit the open road. Wind in your hair, the highway beneath you and feeling free.

    Car Attire:

    Lara G (who takes many long road trips each year) says she always has something comfy to wear especially if she’s going to be in the car all day.

    A stretchy, comfy pair of yoga pants or skirt (that accentuate your curves perfectly), comfortable-to-wear & easy-to-remove shoes and a sexy little option for layering. Our favorite layering piece over at Lulu Luna's is this elegant cardigan

    Healthy Habits for the Car:

    1. Leave the caffeine & sugar out of the equation. If you get sleepy, pull over for a quick 15-30 minute catnap.

    2. Pack snacks! Gas station food leaves a feeling of bloated and blah. Here’s what we recommend: Chia Breakfast Cereal – This is hydrating, delicious, travels well & is high in healthy fats (which will keep you full and detour any cravings for junk). You can bring the dry components with you as well and continue eating this your entire trip. Grab the recipe here:

    Refreshing Strawberry & Mint Drink - Staying hydrated while traveling is important. This delicious concoction is cooling by nature (thank you mint!) and is quite a delight on a road trip. Grab the recipe for the strawberry and mint drink here!

    For the Flight:

    Fashion, function & fruit rank highest for us, and in the case of flying comfortable is functional.

    Flight attire:

    1. Wear something you can move in, check out Lulu Luna's easy to move in and super stylish looking studded floral blouse .

    2. A scarf is a great accessory and also functional, you can use it to pillow your head or to block out light when you’re trying to sleep.

    3. If you’re headed to the beach, remember to bring a cover up for the trip including a light sweater and socks (planes can get chilly!).

    Healthy Habits for the Flight:

    1. Start your flight off clean! It may seem obvious, yet you’ll feel better if you shower before and you’ll start your trip feeling fresh!

    2. Get some exercise ahead of time. No one cares and I promise, you won’t look weird. Yoga is an easy way to help you relax on the flight and to give your muscles a workout before sitting for a long time.

    3. Take fruit on the flight. Unless flying internationally (and even when you’re leaving the U.S., you can usually get away with taking it on the flight…just not off the flight on the other end). Fruit is high in carbohydrates which gives you great, yet relaxed energy. It’s also very hydrating. If your blood sugar fluctuates a lot, take some nuts with you as well to ensure you keep stable blood sugar throughout the trip. Fruits we like best for travel include: Oranges Cucumbers Apples Each of these travel well and taste delicious! Cucumbers don’t need to be cut before they are eaten, you can take a bite right out of it!

    4. Bring an empty water bottle with you through security. Once on the other side, find a Starbucks and ask them to fill it with filtered water. This is a lot cheaper than buying water and the water is usually triple distilled at Starbucks.

    Tips & Tricks from the Pros Voyages

    Headed on multi-country trip? Need to pack light and look good?

    Case K, swears by packing all in all neutrals, like black. Why? Everything goes together that way, it stays clean longer, and you don’t stand out like a tourist. For instance, when travelling in Europe many people thought she was from the country she was visiting she look so good! Check out Lulu Luna's very class asymmetrical ruffle sweater or little black dress.

    Another tip comes from Karlie S, one of Lulu Luna’s models, she says try to stick to natural fiber clothing, they tend to remain fresh for longer.

    Kelly, a Lulu Luna buyer, says stick to the basics. You can pack simple pants and plain shirts and then accessorize! She also says, always pack at least one classy jacket.

    Rolling your clothes is a great way to save space and then they don’t get a wrinkly either.

    Expect the Unexpected

    Bring what you need to keep feeling good! Take something for stomach relief, immunity, tampons, and any medications you think you may need. It is much easier to find these things while at home than in a place you’re unfamiliar with.

    Go with the flow, things will not always go as planned. You may miss your flight, your train, and more. Take a deep breath, and know that you’re making memories you can laugh at later.

    Do it like the locals

    You may have to take an airplane to get there, but in a foreign place not everything flies. Find out some information about the place you’re going, especially if it’s in a different country. To avoid trouble research local customs, clothing, and ways to act. For instance, leave the short shorts and tanks at home when travelling to India.

    One woman tells a story of wearing a tank top in Egypt and being mistaken for a prostitute. Use the opportunity to invest in some new local fashions!

    In those tough moments, where you’re alone, in a totally different place with different food, it is so nice to have a small comfort of home.

    Relax and Bring Chocolate

    On trips I can be nice to have an item from home that you take just to help you relax. Some people bring their pillow, a stuffed animal, or even chocolate. Take the time to pack one small item that can remind you of the comforts of home even when you’re far away.

    Pack clothes that make you feel confident. Sometimes you may end up feeling unsure or even afraid when you’re travelling somewhere new. If you are wearing something you like you will radiate with that confidence.

    Get Out There

    One of the main ways to experience a new place is by trying the food! It is a great way to interact with the local culture, and who knows you may find a new favorite. If you have dietary restrictions, like you are vegetarian, do a little research before you go to find out what local dishes you can order to meet your needs.

    Don’t be afraid to talk to the locals! Sometimes language barriers or even the fear of looking like a tourist can hold you back. As you travel you will find that most people love to show off where they’re from, they will be excited that you are taking an interest in their part of the world.

    When traveling aim for quality over quantity. If you take your time instead of running through a gauntlet of sights, you’re more likely to enjoy yourself and savor your trip. Taking your time will also allow you to really soak up the culture and atmosphere of the place you’re visiting.

  • Traveling No Experience Necessary


    Traveling No Experience Necessary

    tips and tricks to get the most out of your trip

      No Experience Necessary! Whether it’s a road trip, a vacation, a trek across countries, or a journey to a very foreign country I have some tips and tricks for any travels you may have planned.  Whether you’ve never left your hometown or you’re a traveling diva, these ideas are sure to help you get the most out of your trip.   Pack Light – on a trip who needs baggage?   I cannot say this enough, and trust me you are going to want to argue with me on this one!   In 2012 I went on an amazing adventure (thank you mom) in which I was trailing through Eastern European countries.  I went with my mom, sister, and three female cousins. We travelled by plane, train, and automobile!  Wow, that’s a lot of countries and modes of transport to haul luggage through.  I packed and repacked and ended up only taking a backpack! Yes, just a backpack, and I left room because I knew I would be hauling a few gifties back with me.   My cousin Jill, also on the trip offers this tip: pack clothes that can be layered for variable weather as well as mixed and matched to be worn several times over the course of the trip.   Karlie, one of Lulu Luna’s favorite faces (and also my sweet cousin), says pack dark natural fiber clothes.  Dark clothes are less likely to look dirty so you can wear them for longer.   Rolling your clothes, rather than folding them, saves space!   Always remember to pack the essentials though, stomach relief, aspirin, earplugs (great when sleeping in loud places), and maybe even an eye-mask.   Your travelling companions will be envious of the ease in which you step onto trains, jump into cars, and move smoothly with your light luggage!   Pack in Advance   My friend Lara, a many a road trip travelling companion of mine, says when preparing for a long road trip she always packs the night before.  If you leave yourself time to pack, and are not rushed, you are less likely to forget something.   I always like to layout my clothes the night before as well, especially if I have to get up early.  It saves time in the morning; I don’t have to waste it looking for clothes to wear.   I need my books!   I think it’s a great idea to keep a good book with you.  You never know when you will be stuck someone, like an airport or bus station.   I discovered, even though I truly love flipping through pages, that an ereader is a brilliant idea.  It is lightweight and you can fit all your favorites within it! Also whenever you have access to Internet you can download something new!   Downside, you have to charge it, although my ereaders battery last a very long time.   Roadtrip!   Road tripper extraordinar Lara says, she always likes to pack snacks so that there is less of chance of binging or eating junk food!   Did you know that many parking lots you can stay at for free in! It turns into a whole roadside culture and a totally amazing experience.   Get Some Air and be Flexible   Close quarters, no space, tired, maybe even sick, you’re going to get grumpy! And if you’re travelling with other people you’re going to get on each other’s nerves.  Take some time to get some air before there’s a blow up.   Sometimes on trips, I’ve happily opted to spend the night in and let everyone else go out, just for a moment alone.  Or we have split up and each person, or group, will do his or her own thing for a day.  On a trip to New Orleans my dad and grandmother really wanted to tour a museum, my mom, sister and I really wanted to eat baguettes and shop.  How did we remedy this? We split up for the day and met for dinner!   Also, be respectful of other people’s ideas and things that they want to do.  Be willing to help, this will ease tension.  Also, allow them to help you too.   Nothing will go as planned   On our trip to Eastern Europe we were supposed to catch a train to Brasov, Romania and ended up on a train to Berlin, Germany! At first we were panicked, but we got off at the next stop and calmly took care of the problem.  We ended up on an overnight train to Brasov in which we got to experience border crossing in Eastern Europe at midnight!   Here’s some advice from Janice (my mom), when things don’t go as planned you have to deal with it and make fun of it.  Realize that you’re creating memories that you can laugh about later!   Another good idea, especially when travelling to a foreign country, is to make three copies of your driver’s license and passport.  Keep one with you at all times while travelling.  Then keep one at the hotel or somewhere else within your luggage.  Also, keep on back home with someone who can fax or email it to you should the need arise.   Do a little research   Whenever you’re travelling do a little research! You may find a-hole-in-the-wall place to get lunch, or a neat side trip.   Make sure when going to a foreign country to do a little research on customs.  For instances, In Bulgaria shaking your head side to side (how in the USA we indicate no) actually means yes.  Did you know that it is inappropriate to wear a tank top and shorts in many parts of India? Out of respect for the local culture I always wore something with some sleeves, and loose fitting pants or skirt.  It won’t cramp your style to change it up a bit, if anything it will give you some new fashions to enjoy!   Pack Chocolate   In those tough moments, where you’re alone, in a totally different place with different food, it is so nice to have a small comfort of home.  My choice of comfort has either been chocolate, my pillow, or favorite shirt.   While in New Delhi this past year, I found some chocolate chips and was so excited to just a small comfort of home!  I took my pillow to India, Europe, Mexico and on all of my road trips.  It’s just nice to have and helps you relax.  On this last trip to India I also packed one of my favorite shirts, something that I can feel good in or just be plain comfortable.  It helped with my confidence when travelling by myself from Bangalor to New Delhi.   Get out of your comfort zone   Even when travelling it can seem safer to just stick to similar routines of home.  You might even eat the same foods, and continue to be stuck in the molds we set for ourselves.   Adam, my partner and travelling companion for many a trip, says when you travel one of the main ways to experience a culture is the food!   Get out there and try it! Don’t know where to eat? Ask a local!   From Adam, part of getting out of your comfort zone is talking to people. You have to make an effort to engage people, even if you’re a different country.  It may scare you off that you don’t speak the same language, or you don’t want to seem like a tourist.   Personally, I’ve noticed that people love to show off the places they’re from.  They are excited that you’re taking an interest in their culture.   Now get out there and enjoy this wide world.  Whether it’s your first rendezvous with a traveling adventure or you’re a pro you’re sure to take some benefit if not be entertained by these tips!          

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