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Tales from Lulu Luna

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  • Behind the Photo Shoot Adventures in Modeling

    Behind the Photo Shoot-field

    First off, none of us are professional models, secondly we all are rather shy, thirdly we all work a ton of jobs to live where we do…and fourthly this was a family job that consisted of my sister, cousin, partner, and two rowdy dogs.These things together made for an interesting combination of photo taking and fun.   Colorado had had unusually warm weather that month, especially for Silverton where it doesn’t ever really get above 80 degrees. That said, of course the day we could all get together to do the photo shoot the winds changed and it seemed as if winter were on its way again.   And of course there we were standing still in strapless dresses, sheer gowns, and tank tops trying to smile into the camera even though it was freezing! It was actually quite fun, kind of like when you are giggling as you try to plunge into a cold pool and get used to the water.  We would pose for several minutes, and then sprint to put our parkas on, throw them off again and pose once more. An adventure indeed.   Thank goodness my sister Kelly, or Kippy, brought bags and bags of shoes and accessories and made us photo ready.   However, the real trick was relying on being ourselves and acting natural in order to capture the best photos.  By the end of the day we let the clothing inspire us, going on whims, such as running through fields, climbing fences and enjoying being together and feeling great.
    Puppy in photo The puppy is interacting with the shoot.

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