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DIY Beauty

  • 5 Minute Make Up

    I used to think 5 minute make up was not possible, unless I was not wearing any. I would spend almost an hour everyday just getting ready to “face” the day. After years of experimenting and playing I have my makeup routine down to 5 minutes.

    Start with a clean face. (On a side note, many facial cleansers actually dry out your skin making any problems worse. Check out our blog on Jojoba Oil.)

    Using powdered or compressed foundation and your favorite foundation brush, I personally like kabuki brushes, in circling movements put the foundation across your face. I sometimes repeat this step. (You can use your fingers or a smaller brush to use foundation to cover any spots). Use your fingers to even and smooth out areas in which the make up might be too heavy, be sure to blend around the hairline and jaw.

    Kabuki brush Kabuki Brush

    Next, again using your favorite brush add little bit of bronzer, less than a dime size amount. Run the brush along your cheeks following your cheekbones, and maybe along the bridge of the nose, under the eyebrows, forehead, basically anywhere the sun would naturally cause your skin to tan.

    If you would like you can use a mineral veil at this point, it helps to blend the foundation and bronzer and also helps keep your skin oil free.

    Next choose your favorite eye shadow and using a fluffy eye shadow brush or even your finger gently put eye shadow on both eyes, no need to get too fancy here.

    This is optional, but if you feel like it you can use some eyeliner for more definition. After many years of practice I use a slanted eyeliner brush and a dark compressed eye shadow, yes eye shadow, for eyeliner. It is more forgiving than liquid eyeliner and does not dry out in the container letting me use it for much longer. Put your fingers at the edge of your eyelid and gently pull the skin towards your hairline, this makes your eyelid flat and easier to put eyeliner on.

    Top it off with mascara if you wish. Sometimes I use a curler first especially if I am sleepy and want to look more awake. I use natural mascara and sometimes skip wearing it altogether. I started taking mascara breaks when I noticed that my lashes actually stayed longer and grew faster when I took breaks.

    Finish your look with a smile, this is the last and most important step. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing make up or not, a smile makes you and other people happy.

  • DIY Pantry Beauty: 5 Ingredients You Have in Your Cupboard

    DIY Pantry Beauty

    5 Ingredients You Have in Your Cupboard

    pantry beauty These are 5 budget beauty tips, or as I like to say pantry beauty, already own it beauty, or I hate spending money beauty.  Truthfully, these age old tips and tricks, many of which you probably already have in your cupboard, work better than expensive products.  
    1. Baking Soda – this not only makes cakes rise at high altitude or things explode in science, but it can also work as an inexpensive exfoliator for your face and body.
      Just take a small quarter sized amount, a few drops of water, use your judgment and gently (very gently please don't hurt yourself) rub onto face in a circular motion. Be very cautious of sensitive areas such as around the eyes.  Rinse off and enjoy your super soft skin! I do it about once per week – I really wouldn't recommend more than twice, too much exfoliating can irritate your skin and cause breakouts.  I also recommend using a natural aluminum-free baking soda you will notice a difference, I buy it in the bulk section of my organic food store for about $1.26.          Baking soda can also be added to a bath for added relaxation.  Add 1-2 cups as you fill up your tube.  Baking soda is great for conditioning you skin, and will leave you filling super soft.  It also is exception deodorizing leaving you fresh.    
    1. Vinegar – Super tasty on salads and super cleansing in the shower!
      Balsamic vinegar: Mix a tablespoon or so with your shampoo for flawlessly clean hair it also helps add natural highlights! Condition your hair afterwards so that none of the vinegar scent remains.     Apple Cider vinegar is great for keeping your body synced.  It helps to balance your PH, weight, helps with heartburn and more.   Have dandruff or red flaky skin on your face? Some studies show that dandruff and red flaky skin that just won’t go away may be caused by a yeast imbalance.   Get a cotton ball and first add a little water to it, then a slight bit of apple cider vinegar keep the ratio at about 2 parts water to 1 part apple cider vinegar.  It will sting a little bit, but dab the cotton ball on the irritated areas.  You can use more apple cider vinegar, but it will sting.  Don’t get any in your eyes.  You will be amazed at how easily the irritated areas clear up, do this once per week.   I use the brand Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother.  They even have a little recipe on the bottle for how to drink it for optimal health.  
    1. Vanilla – widely used to flavor our favorite treats, but it can also be used as an inexpensive perfume, the aromatherapy properties of vanilla also helps to reduce anxiety.  And some people will say scent is the most subtly attractive thing about a person.
      Just dab a little on your wrist or just below your ears, and smell as delightful as a cupcake! Check out Rodelle Pure Vanilla Extract, it's made in Colorado! Rodelle Vanilla  
    1. Lemon – a little lemon goes a long way!
      Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water first thing in the morning!  This not only gets your innards working, but helps you to detox, and in my experience the tartness wakes me up! Be sure to brush your teeth afterwards, being that lemon is acidic and hard on the enamel of your teeth.  Continue to drink lots of water throughout the day (yes I snuck the water tip in, something we can't hear enough of).   
    1. Get out there – moving away from things in the pantry, try to get outside at least once a day.
      Throughout the day, we have a build up of toxins and hormones that aren't beneficial for our body caused by stress, and emotional strain.  Just by walking a little bit everyday it helps burn these excesses and regulate your body.  Also, whenever I'm feeling super tired and burnt out on everything, a walk helps to clear my mind and wake me up
    Lemon and baking soda Lemon and baking soda

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