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5 Minute Make Up

I used to think 5 minute make up was not possible, unless I was not wearing any. I would spend almost an hour everyday just getting ready to “face” the day. After years of experimenting and playing I have my makeup routine down to 5 minutes.

Start with a clean face. (On a side note, many facial cleansers actually dry out your skin making any problems worse. Check out our blog on Jojoba Oil.)

Using powdered or compressed foundation and your favorite foundation brush, I personally like kabuki brushes, in circling movements put the foundation across your face. I sometimes repeat this step. (You can use your fingers or a smaller brush to use foundation to cover any spots). Use your fingers to even and smooth out areas in which the make up might be too heavy, be sure to blend around the hairline and jaw.

Kabuki brush Kabuki Brush

Next, again using your favorite brush add little bit of bronzer, less than a dime size amount. Run the brush along your cheeks following your cheekbones, and maybe along the bridge of the nose, under the eyebrows, forehead, basically anywhere the sun would naturally cause your skin to tan.

If you would like you can use a mineral veil at this point, it helps to blend the foundation and bronzer and also helps keep your skin oil free.

Next choose your favorite eye shadow and using a fluffy eye shadow brush or even your finger gently put eye shadow on both eyes, no need to get too fancy here.

This is optional, but if you feel like it you can use some eyeliner for more definition. After many years of practice I use a slanted eyeliner brush and a dark compressed eye shadow, yes eye shadow, for eyeliner. It is more forgiving than liquid eyeliner and does not dry out in the container letting me use it for much longer. Put your fingers at the edge of your eyelid and gently pull the skin towards your hairline, this makes your eyelid flat and easier to put eyeliner on.

Top it off with mascara if you wish. Sometimes I use a curler first especially if I am sleepy and want to look more awake. I use natural mascara and sometimes skip wearing it altogether. I started taking mascara breaks when I noticed that my lashes actually stayed longer and grew faster when I took breaks.

Finish your look with a smile, this is the last and most important step. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing make up or not, a smile makes you and other people happy.