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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • DIY Pantry Beauty: 5 Ingredients You Have in Your Cupboard

    DIY Pantry Beauty

    5 Ingredients You Have in Your Cupboard

    pantry beauty These are 5 budget beauty tips, or as I like to say pantry beauty, already own it beauty, or I hate spending money beauty.  Truthfully, these age old tips and tricks, many of which you probably already have in your cupboard, work better than expensive products.  
    1. Baking Soda – this not only makes cakes rise at high altitude or things explode in science, but it can also work as an inexpensive exfoliator for your face and body.
      Just take a small quarter sized amount, a few drops of water, use your judgment and gently (very gently please don't hurt yourself) rub onto face in a circular motion. Be very cautious of sensitive areas such as around the eyes.  Rinse off and enjoy your super soft skin! I do it about once per week – I really wouldn't recommend more than twice, too much exfoliating can irritate your skin and cause breakouts.  I also recommend using a natural aluminum-free baking soda you will notice a difference, I buy it in the bulk section of my organic food store for about $1.26.          Baking soda can also be added to a bath for added relaxation.  Add 1-2 cups as you fill up your tube.  Baking soda is great for conditioning you skin, and will leave you filling super soft.  It also is exception deodorizing leaving you fresh.    
    1. Vinegar – Super tasty on salads and super cleansing in the shower!
      Balsamic vinegar: Mix a tablespoon or so with your shampoo for flawlessly clean hair it also helps add natural highlights! Condition your hair afterwards so that none of the vinegar scent remains.     Apple Cider vinegar is great for keeping your body synced.  It helps to balance your PH, weight, helps with heartburn and more.   Have dandruff or red flaky skin on your face? Some studies show that dandruff and red flaky skin that just won’t go away may be caused by a yeast imbalance.   Get a cotton ball and first add a little water to it, then a slight bit of apple cider vinegar keep the ratio at about 2 parts water to 1 part apple cider vinegar.  It will sting a little bit, but dab the cotton ball on the irritated areas.  You can use more apple cider vinegar, but it will sting.  Don’t get any in your eyes.  You will be amazed at how easily the irritated areas clear up, do this once per week.   I use the brand Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother.  They even have a little recipe on the bottle for how to drink it for optimal health.  
    1. Vanilla – widely used to flavor our favorite treats, but it can also be used as an inexpensive perfume, the aromatherapy properties of vanilla also helps to reduce anxiety.  And some people will say scent is the most subtly attractive thing about a person.
      Just dab a little on your wrist or just below your ears, and smell as delightful as a cupcake! Check out Rodelle Pure Vanilla Extract, it's made in Colorado! Rodelle Vanilla  
    1. Lemon – a little lemon goes a long way!
      Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water first thing in the morning!  This not only gets your innards working, but helps you to detox, and in my experience the tartness wakes me up! Be sure to brush your teeth afterwards, being that lemon is acidic and hard on the enamel of your teeth.  Continue to drink lots of water throughout the day (yes I snuck the water tip in, something we can't hear enough of).   
    1. Get out there – moving away from things in the pantry, try to get outside at least once a day.
      Throughout the day, we have a build up of toxins and hormones that aren't beneficial for our body caused by stress, and emotional strain.  Just by walking a little bit everyday it helps burn these excesses and regulate your body.  Also, whenever I'm feeling super tired and burnt out on everything, a walk helps to clear my mind and wake me up
    Lemon and baking soda Lemon and baking soda
  • Traveling No Experience Necessary


    Traveling No Experience Necessary

    tips and tricks to get the most out of your trip

      No Experience Necessary! Whether it’s a road trip, a vacation, a trek across countries, or a journey to a very foreign country I have some tips and tricks for any travels you may have planned.  Whether you’ve never left your hometown or you’re a traveling diva, these ideas are sure to help you get the most out of your trip.   Pack Light – on a trip who needs baggage?   I cannot say this enough, and trust me you are going to want to argue with me on this one!   In 2012 I went on an amazing adventure (thank you mom) in which I was trailing through Eastern European countries.  I went with my mom, sister, and three female cousins. We travelled by plane, train, and automobile!  Wow, that’s a lot of countries and modes of transport to haul luggage through.  I packed and repacked and ended up only taking a backpack! Yes, just a backpack, and I left room because I knew I would be hauling a few gifties back with me.   My cousin Jill, also on the trip offers this tip: pack clothes that can be layered for variable weather as well as mixed and matched to be worn several times over the course of the trip.   Karlie, one of Lulu Luna’s favorite faces (and also my sweet cousin), says pack dark natural fiber clothes.  Dark clothes are less likely to look dirty so you can wear them for longer.   Rolling your clothes, rather than folding them, saves space!   Always remember to pack the essentials though, stomach relief, aspirin, earplugs (great when sleeping in loud places), and maybe even an eye-mask.   Your travelling companions will be envious of the ease in which you step onto trains, jump into cars, and move smoothly with your light luggage!   Pack in Advance   My friend Lara, a many a road trip travelling companion of mine, says when preparing for a long road trip she always packs the night before.  If you leave yourself time to pack, and are not rushed, you are less likely to forget something.   I always like to layout my clothes the night before as well, especially if I have to get up early.  It saves time in the morning; I don’t have to waste it looking for clothes to wear.   I need my books!   I think it’s a great idea to keep a good book with you.  You never know when you will be stuck someone, like an airport or bus station.   I discovered, even though I truly love flipping through pages, that an ereader is a brilliant idea.  It is lightweight and you can fit all your favorites within it! Also whenever you have access to Internet you can download something new!   Downside, you have to charge it, although my ereaders battery last a very long time.   Roadtrip!   Road tripper extraordinar Lara says, she always likes to pack snacks so that there is less of chance of binging or eating junk food!   Did you know that many parking lots you can stay at for free in! It turns into a whole roadside culture and a totally amazing experience.   Get Some Air and be Flexible   Close quarters, no space, tired, maybe even sick, you’re going to get grumpy! And if you’re travelling with other people you’re going to get on each other’s nerves.  Take some time to get some air before there’s a blow up.   Sometimes on trips, I’ve happily opted to spend the night in and let everyone else go out, just for a moment alone.  Or we have split up and each person, or group, will do his or her own thing for a day.  On a trip to New Orleans my dad and grandmother really wanted to tour a museum, my mom, sister and I really wanted to eat baguettes and shop.  How did we remedy this? We split up for the day and met for dinner!   Also, be respectful of other people’s ideas and things that they want to do.  Be willing to help, this will ease tension.  Also, allow them to help you too.   Nothing will go as planned   On our trip to Eastern Europe we were supposed to catch a train to Brasov, Romania and ended up on a train to Berlin, Germany! At first we were panicked, but we got off at the next stop and calmly took care of the problem.  We ended up on an overnight train to Brasov in which we got to experience border crossing in Eastern Europe at midnight!   Here’s some advice from Janice (my mom), when things don’t go as planned you have to deal with it and make fun of it.  Realize that you’re creating memories that you can laugh about later!   Another good idea, especially when travelling to a foreign country, is to make three copies of your driver’s license and passport.  Keep one with you at all times while travelling.  Then keep one at the hotel or somewhere else within your luggage.  Also, keep on back home with someone who can fax or email it to you should the need arise.   Do a little research   Whenever you’re travelling do a little research! You may find a-hole-in-the-wall place to get lunch, or a neat side trip.   Make sure when going to a foreign country to do a little research on customs.  For instances, In Bulgaria shaking your head side to side (how in the USA we indicate no) actually means yes.  Did you know that it is inappropriate to wear a tank top and shorts in many parts of India? Out of respect for the local culture I always wore something with some sleeves, and loose fitting pants or skirt.  It won’t cramp your style to change it up a bit, if anything it will give you some new fashions to enjoy!   Pack Chocolate   In those tough moments, where you’re alone, in a totally different place with different food, it is so nice to have a small comfort of home.  My choice of comfort has either been chocolate, my pillow, or favorite shirt.   While in New Delhi this past year, I found some chocolate chips and was so excited to just a small comfort of home!  I took my pillow to India, Europe, Mexico and on all of my road trips.  It’s just nice to have and helps you relax.  On this last trip to India I also packed one of my favorite shirts, something that I can feel good in or just be plain comfortable.  It helped with my confidence when travelling by myself from Bangalor to New Delhi.   Get out of your comfort zone   Even when travelling it can seem safer to just stick to similar routines of home.  You might even eat the same foods, and continue to be stuck in the molds we set for ourselves.   Adam, my partner and travelling companion for many a trip, says when you travel one of the main ways to experience a culture is the food!   Get out there and try it! Don’t know where to eat? Ask a local!   From Adam, part of getting out of your comfort zone is talking to people. You have to make an effort to engage people, even if you’re a different country.  It may scare you off that you don’t speak the same language, or you don’t want to seem like a tourist.   Personally, I’ve noticed that people love to show off the places they’re from.  They are excited that you’re taking an interest in their culture.   Now get out there and enjoy this wide world.  Whether it’s your first rendezvous with a traveling adventure or you’re a pro you’re sure to take some benefit if not be entertained by these tips!          
  • 20 Minute Late for Work Yoga


    20 Minute Late for Work Yoga

    Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Gal

      I woke up this morning craving something.  I could envision my body stretching, moving, and begging me to get on my yoga mat.  I looked at my watch, my first thought was, and do I really have time today?  And immediately my mind tried to talk me out of doing my practice, telling me no time! No time!  Well 20 minutes really isn't that much time, right?   Sticking with a practice or routine is hard.   Our culture glorifies being busy, and I personally find it difficult to take even an hour for myself. I spend at least 20 minutes a day checking my email, facebook, etc maybe instead I could spend 20 minutes doing something nice for myself?   I started practicing yoga when I was in high school.  Where I went to school yoga journaling counted as a PE credit. So, every morning I would start my day peacefully with a fun yoga class.  It was amazing!  Instantly I noticed that I had more energy, (I felt like I could run everywhere I really don't like running), I was less depressed and studying became easier.  My high school self had it right, she knew what I needed!   It wasn't until a few years ago that I was reintroduced to yoga, and rediscovered my love.  I found out about Lady Niguma Yoga, an Indian woman Yogi taught this practice over a thousand years ago (the Knowledge Base).  I feel it's a practice that most everyone can do! Even better on busy days it can be abbreviated and still you get amazing results.   I can tell the difference between days when I do yoga and days that I don't.  I even did yoga when I was sick, just to get my lymphatic system moving.  When I do yoga my days tend to be better, go smoother, and I find it easier to finish projects.  I find that I am more patient and less stressed (not to mention a little more toned).  Give yourself 20 minutes; it will make a huge difference in your day.   I even found a video of a 20 minute Lady Niguma Yoga Class on Youtube!       special thank you to Adam Andrade for the photos  
    Tibetan prayer flags Tibetan prayer flags
  • How to Make Anything More Meaningful

    unhappy people at work

    Dressing up your Motivation- How to Make Anything More Meaningful

    A short explanation

      I'm up, I'm dressed, and headed to work filled with dread and loathing for the day. Something needs to change, how do I make each day into something more meaningful?   Try taking some quiet time just for yourself first thing in the morning. Get your coffee, your oatmeal, or just sit for a bit.  Really you can do this at any point in the day, just take a few minutes ("bathroom break"!) and sit and think about what it is you're dreading or why you feel less than enthusiastic.   Think to yourself why am I doing what I'm doing?  Usually why we're doing something is for a selfish reason, and it takes a lot to just acknowledge that and not to lie to yourself. For example,  I'm up today because I have to go to work, I'm going to work because I want money, I'm drinking coffee 'cause I like it, or I'm helping someone because I want them to like me.  Get to the most basic motive of why you are doing what you're doing.   Next, in your mind take your reason for doing what your doing to the end of the day, picture yourself just about to fall asleep, you can no longer work–you're too tired, you can't get the person to like you–you're too sleepy, you can't make money anymore.  What type of impression or day would you like to have had?   Picture your day and the people around you during that time, how will you doing what you're doing help you in the long run–how will it help them?  I went to work today and I really got to help a lot of people, I was able to help them find the things that they needed and I made money so that I am able to live in a nice place and eat food that will aid me tomorrow so that I can help more people.  Wow, I'm sure glad I had that coffee this morning! I might have been mean to my co-workers without it, and that could have really ruined their day and mine.  Or you could say wow I'm glad I didn't drink that coffee today it would have kept me up all night and made me anxious and mean both today at work and tomorrow!  I went and helped Gracie today, hoping that she would like me, why do I want her to like me?  I feel like if she likes me I could offer a lot to the company and my opinions would be heard and therefore I would be helping everyone a lot more.   After you picture what type of day you want to leave behind, get up and go do what ever it is you were picturing.  Not only will you find that it's easier to do the task at hand, but with your motivation dressed up you will find your day to be a lot more meaningful.   Readjust your motives–it will help you to understand why you do the things you do and ultimately help you to be a better, more balanced, and more meaningful person. Two happy girls
  • Behind the Photo Shoot Adventures in Modeling

    Behind the Photo Shoot-field

    First off, none of us are professional models, secondly we all are rather shy, thirdly we all work a ton of jobs to live where we do…and fourthly this was a family job that consisted of my sister, cousin, partner, and two rowdy dogs.These things together made for an interesting combination of photo taking and fun.   Colorado had had unusually warm weather that month, especially for Silverton where it doesn’t ever really get above 80 degrees. That said, of course the day we could all get together to do the photo shoot the winds changed and it seemed as if winter were on its way again.   And of course there we were standing still in strapless dresses, sheer gowns, and tank tops trying to smile into the camera even though it was freezing! It was actually quite fun, kind of like when you are giggling as you try to plunge into a cold pool and get used to the water.  We would pose for several minutes, and then sprint to put our parkas on, throw them off again and pose once more. An adventure indeed.   Thank goodness my sister Kelly, or Kippy, brought bags and bags of shoes and accessories and made us photo ready.   However, the real trick was relying on being ourselves and acting natural in order to capture the best photos.  By the end of the day we let the clothing inspire us, going on whims, such as running through fields, climbing fences and enjoying being together and feeling great.
    Puppy in photo The puppy is interacting with the shoot.

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