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About Lulu Luna

Shop for unique women's fashion and romantic style clothing at Lulu Luna. Check out our dresses, tops, skirts, and vintage style. FREE shipping! Lulu Luna was founded and is based out of the small Colorado town of Silverton. Here in the heart of mining and ski culture we sought to grow a women’s clothing business. When you shop at Lulu Luna, what you’ll find are stunning yet affordable women’s clothing and gifts. Here we believe that fashion is something to be enjoyed, as a women puts on a garment it’s a unique expression of who she is. This experience should be something to savor, which is why we want to keep our prices affordable and always have new deals for our customers. Our goal at Lulu Luna is to provide you with fun and beautiful clothing to express the exceptional woman you are.

What does Lulu Luna mean? The definition of Lulu is something remarkable and Luna means the moon, a symbol of feminine energy across the globe. Together Lulu Luna is a name that symbolizes the power of women. Our clothing is adventurous, feminine, and remarkable, just like you!


A little history...

Katey, owner of Lulu Luna, grew up in her parent’s shops. Like her mother always says, “Katey was born on the floor of those shops,” which in some ways is true. By age 5, Katey knew how to run the cash register, and was greeting customers. At age 11 Katey begged her mom for a job selling fudge in her mother’s gift shop. By the time Katey was in college she was helping both her parents buy for their stores. One of those stores was Silverton’s only clothing boutique, called Mountain Calling.

The idea of opening Lulu Luna was hatched in the fall of 2011, when Silverton’s only clothing boutique, Mountain Calling, shut its doors for good. Lulu Luna opened as an online business in the summer of 2012 in the small mountain town of Silverton, Colorado. Many of the locals desperately missed Mountain Calling, and Lulu Luna began to host trunk sales at the local coffee shop Café Mobius. After nearly a year of hauling clothing here and there, Lulu Luna will opens its door once more, with a physical shop in downtown Silverton.

If you’re in Silverton, Colorado stop by just to say hello or come in to try on the clothing, we will be opening in May 2013!

Katheryn Fetchenhier, Owner